Some parts from the story of a silver-eyed fisherman

Hyeji Nam
Hyeji Nam, The Bones (2021)

he screams
until the silver ring comes out
until his throat gets unfolded
being slapped by the waves

he soaks my tongue in the sea
then my forehead
then my eyes
pickled in salt water
that’s how I am going to be remembered

Sea, dressed in white, started to compose a music piece that calls out the haunting of ghosts,
and the sleepy dreams, dragging their half-closed eyes, started to swim with their one-legged body
toward the beginning of the orchestra

Hyeji Nam (1993, Seoul) is an interdisciplinary artist working with the themes of literature, sexuality, social taboos, and cultural politics. Combining digital media and real flesh, she questions the relationship between our minds and digitalized bodies. Nam currently lives and works in Vienna.