Piano Music for “As I Walk At Leisure” – Ans Mertens

June 2018

Dear Peter,

Working on my 16mm film “As I Walk At Leisure”, intuitively I thought of this sound project. An idea that finds its origin in your request to make film for your music – a request I still want to formulate an answer to.

While working on my own 16mm film without sound, and thinking about the absence/presence of sound for this film, the image of you playing lost notes on the piano got into my mind. Somehow my presence and quest for serendipity at the Place de la Bourse in Brussels touched upon this idea of the light and possible simple gesture of playing something undefined on the piano. Losing time and capturing unspectacular moments are both the subject of as well as the reason for my observations.

By observing I have felt a friction between the public space I situated myself in while filming, and the intimate space of the passengers I captured/portrayed. By formulating these instructions for you to create offline/non-synchronized piano music for my film – presented in its process of creation or rather as a result of playing around without purpose and for amusement – I might intrude in your intimate space and time of artistic production or eventually non-production. However, what I propose you to make is carefully directed/constructed and I am not sure whether I am portraying you or myself by formulating this work.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to your answer, your gesture.


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